Bartleet Agencies

Bartleet Agencies was incorporated in 1979 with a vision of supplying the demand in Sri Lanka, for high quality imported canned foods ranging from canned fish, chick peas, lentils and yellow split peas to name a few. In 1986 the Company was appointed as the Sole Agent in Sri Lanka for South Pacific Korp (SPK), the largest processor of fish in Chile who is also one of the largest business conglomerates in South America.

Having recognized Bartleet Agencies’ operational excellence over the past 2 decades, SPK continues to support and encouraged Bartleet Agencies to market SPK canned products to other countries as well. Taking on this challenge head-on the Company has successfully ventured out into new territory by marketing its products to markets such as Canada, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Doha and Dubai.

In Sri Lanka, 35 years post the Company inception; it is still one of the largest indenting agents for canned fish, accounting for 25 renowned brands in the local market place. Despite the emergence of fierce competition in the succeeding years, the Company has remained profitable and is an Industry frontier owing to the excellent local networks and unparalleled global partnerships established.

Supplemented by a sturdy marketing infrastructure that has its roots well-grounded within the sector, the Company is steered by the same leadership strength that saw the Bartleet Group reach a century of service excellence. Riding on this strength, the Company is ready to launch into the next decade with a target of expanding its territorial borderline by 2020. New territories, new partnerships and new ventures; this is the driving force that keeps the Company a head above competition.

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