Bartleet Mecklai & Roy

Holding the prestigious ranking as the first money broking company in Sri Lanka, 1980 saw the inception of Bartleet Mecklai & Roy. Under the inspired tutelage of Abdully Mecklai & Subhash Roy, the Company pioneered inter-bank money broking for financial products through a joint venture with Mecklai & Mecklai Financial Services (Mumbai) and Subhash Roy & Company (Calcutta). Commencing business as a robust apprentice under the license from the Central Bank, the Company further expanded its wings in 2004 setting up yet another joint venture with Infinity Holdings Pvt Ltd.

35 years later, the legendary ‘Architect’ of Sri Lanka’s inaugural money broking Company, continues to lead the way in multiple spheres of its operations. By deploying an ongoing training methodology to ensure the consistent availability of trained and capable staffing, the Company is on a mission to strengthen the entire staffing backbone of the Group. Bartleet Mecklai & Roy boasts of being the sole Company engaging in such Human Resourcing efforts that holistically benefit the entire Bartleet Group and its subsidiaries.

Holding prestigious Membership roles in the Sri Lanka Money Brokers Association & Sri Lanka Forex Association, the Company is venturing out on an expansive growth strategy for 2020. With a solid outlook into the future that fortifies the Company’s lead position, it is resolute in sustaining the highest standards in all spheres of its business. Most notably, at the dawn of a new financial era in Sri Lanka, it will further expand its impressive product portfolio to cater to a dynamic marketplace. Thereby with adept plans to serve Local inter-bank call money markets, trading in the secondary markets, Government Treasury bills & bonds, US Dollar bonds and Rupee bonds along with Trading in foreign exchange markets, are avenues that will be further explored.

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