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Birthed with an unwavering zeal to introduce futuristic technological solutions to Sri Lanka, Bartleet Technologies is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Bartleet Group and spearheads the Infor- mation Communication Technology (ICT) Field. The Company has been instrumental in deploying mission critical projects with National significance, to showcase its ability to design and imple- ment state-of-the-art blueprints.

Having invested considerably towards the enhancement of the ICT Sector of the Country, the Company continues to innovate & modernise its product offering, to stay abreast the lucrative global market. Its forte lies in the provision of groundbreaking printing solutions that are renowned as, up-to-the-minute technology based solutions. In catering to a variable market that seeks both simplicity and sophistication, the Company’s flexible approach ensures consistent innovation. This in return has propelled the company to be recognized as a leading supplier of low TCO solutions, Customer oriented unique technical solutions and a one-stop-shop for all printing requirements.

Possessing a team of highly skilled, qualified and dedicated professionals, Bartleet Technologies is certified and fully qualified in every relevant discipline that warrants the pioneering role it has played within the ICT Industry. Front-ended by the same Leadership strength of the Bartleet Group, the company specialises in a range of services deployed in all leadings banks, financial institutions and stockbroking firms Island-wide. From the supply & maintenance of Line-Matric, Dot-Matric to Passbook printers, the Company is also backed by spares and consumables.

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