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Having upheld the reputation for pioneering a spectrum of financial solutions with a strong client-centric directive, Bartleet Transcapital has shaped the Sri Lankan Financial Sector for over 25 years. Renowned for its customised solutions, the Company’s persistent ability to re-invent its strategic drive, acts as its core secret to success.

Further leveraging on its extensive Industry expertise, the product portfolio caters to a spectrum of entities be they small scale companies, privately held entities to multinationals with erratic financial needs. Provision of Wealth Management Services with expert guidance in Financial Planning & Wealth Management, along with the services of accredited international analysts and financial planners are all made available through the intricate product portfolio closely regulated by reputed Equity Analysts.

Transcapital was established by merging together multiple entities that were all under the purview of Bartleet & Company. Henceforth in aligning its vision towards the 2020 Group strategic drive, the Company plans to capitalise on this unique competitive edge that draws expertise from the 25 year collective experience of all firms. Further augmented by a Century of service excellence upheld by the Bartleet Group, Transcapital thrives on its ability to synergise and thereby maximize the strengths of its versatile entities to offer a single window solution to the client base.

Driven by industry experts who have helped reinvent & mold the Financial Sector of the Country, Transcapital is steered by Veteran business tycoons such as Deshamanya A S Jayawardena & Eraj Wijesinghe. Under the entrepreneurial directive of such industry experts; the scope of services for high net-worth individuals is further expanding.

Through the provision of multifaceted services in the likes of Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Debt Restructuring & Multiplication of income; the Company is on a re-inventive drive. It is also exploiting growth opportunities in South Asia’s Financial Sector, using the dawn of a new era in Ceylon’s Financial Sector, as the launch pad.

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