BC Agrotronics

As a distinguished veteran of the Plantation Sector, BC Agrotronics possesses over a Century of experience and expertise within the Sector. Widely regarded as a pioneer of the Tea Industry, the Company was incorporated in 1981 with the primary goal of fulfilling the interests of the thriving Tea Industry. Thereafter having diversified onto the Rubber Industry, the Company now specializes in providing a variety of services and products to uplift the Tea & Rubber Industries of Sri Lanka.

With a vision of giving a new lease of life to the Plantation Sector by 2020, the Company aims to explore new technology that boosts productivity & profitability of these thriving Sectors. Regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s premier export verticals, the Tea Industry still remains to be a major foreign income earner of the Country.

With an unrelenting passion of seeking avenues to increase productivity within the Tea Industry, BC Agrotronics has introduced many revolutionary technologies. Notably, The Super Shizuoka Electronic Colour Separator has proven to shake the very foundations of the Tea Industry by revolutionizing the end-to-end Tea Production Process. From effectively cleaning teas, minimising damage to leafy tea grades and even retaining the tips of flowery grades; it has immensely con- tributed towards enhancing the sale value of the end product. Available in several models and capacities, the Super Shizuoka has transformed the manufacturing process of over 200 plantations of the Country. Furthermore BC Agrotronics is also the only Company to introduce a variety of Colour Separators from two origins, which provides its clientele a wider range to choose from.

Following the same investment thrust into the Rubber Industry, the Company is also geared to provide technologically advanced services and products to the Rubber Industry. From undertaking comprehensive repairs of Rubber Machinery to providing a well-rounded support and service portfolio, BC Agrotronics deploys a highly skilled team of Professional Engineers and Technicians who work round the clock.

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