Ceylon Quartz

As a Pioneer of producing high purity crystalline quartz filler in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Quartz was incorporated in 1991 in collaboration with Nihon Morutalun Company (Japan) who thereafter sold their shares in 1996 to Tatsumori Limited (Japan & Singapore). Ceylon Quartz was further strengthened by Tatsumori with their supply of revolutionary machinery and technology for the production of high quality processed quartz powder.

Working in parallel with the ambitious 2020 Group Mission, the Company is on a firm footing that is nonetheless ‘Ground Breaking’ in every sense of the word. Maintaining its leading role as Sri Lanka’s No 1 exporter of high purity Silica powder, Ceylon Quartz is also acclaimed to have pioneered the first Board of Investment (BOI) approved project of Sri Lanka. The Company’s expertise is derived from its primary purpose of producing high purity pulverized quartz powder (Si02) & raw material used as filler (for epoxy/resin) in the manufacture of silicon chips and electronic components.

Ceylon Quartz is proud to be the exclusive exporter to Japan and Malaysia, while its strategic drive towards 2020 is further strengthened by its foremost objective of maintaining a competitive edge as a supplier of high quality Sri Lankan quartz to the International Market. Furthermore the Company flaunts its world renowned overseas collaborators who have enabled Ceylon Quarts to become the No 1 supplier of high purity quartz powder, in Asia.

Holding fort as a supplier who meets specified customer needs through advanced technology and employee commitment; the Company employs a team of highly trained and skilled individuals who are Customer driven. Rock quartz is mined and purchased locally while both Plant and Human components of the Company’s Operations have grown substantially to fulfill the demand for the high quality produce of the Company. Fortified with the most modern equipment and machinery, the Company’s product portfolio is high in purity & quality. This is augmented by a well-rounded service portfolio that has enabled Ceylon Quarts to challenge Asian Competitors consistently.

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