EnerG20 (Energy)

The future of the Energy Sector of Sri Lanka is at stake with our energy bills being among the highest in the region, despite a growing Economy. This alarming trend has propelled us to rethink our strategy to overcome fluctuating fuel prices, anticipated tax hikes and even stringent regulations on emissions caused by fossil-fueled power plants.

With the launch of Energ20, the Sri Lankan Energy sector will experience a fresh and innovative approach that will sustain the sector for future generations while also identifying alternative power supplies for a brighter future.

With a well-rounded approach the Company will work towards achieving the 2020 vision by aligning the plan with our core objectives of providing affordable & reliable power based on a variety of sustainable sources. Accordingly we will work towards increasing our energy efficiency/ conservation efforts, expanding renewable-energy resources, providing cost-competitive electricity & maintaining our strong commitment to the environment.

Bartleet as a Group has acknowledged the need for Renewable Energy as a serious alternative going forward in the 21st century given the rising cost of Petroleum and volatility in the OPEC region. The harnessing of Renewable Energy in a viable manner, would over a period of time help stabilize the Power Generation on a National and even Domestic level. Henceforth we are actively participating in the initiatives of our policy makers to support Sri Lanka’s drive in the direction of Renewable Energy, for the benefit of future generations.

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