Pioneering Efforts & Investor Relations

Having pioneered many innovative efforts within the Financial & ICT Sectors of the Country, our involvement in bringing about a revival within these sectors, is a legacy on its own. Having laid a solid foundation for the banking sector through ICT enhancements, we have also spearheaded many other business verticals of the Country, to cultivate a positive Macro Economic environment. From stock broking, wealth management, money broking, life insurance, mineral quartz processing to even preserving our dominant position in the Tea Industry; we have holistically contributed towards a sound nation building campaign.

From Global conglomerates like Religare Securities to Life Insurance Corporation of India, who have enabled the Bartleet Group to stay competitive in a volatile environment, the Company seeks like-minded entities who would further assist the Company’s ability to penetrate the local market along with potential markets in India, China & Europe (I.C.E). Founded as a family run business operating in its 3rd generation of entrepreneurs, the Company likens itself to admirable Chinese cultural value systems that thrive on stability and perseverance. With the current Free Trade Agreements in place with I.C.E Countries, Sri Lanka is well placed for a deeper investment thrust.

As a longstanding Corporate Citizen of the Country, we have weathered some of the most gruesome times of the Country’s History and have emerged stronger than ever. Backed by a culture that operates on integrity, honesty, reliability and good governance; Bartleet is ready to take our steadfast vision to the 21st Century.