New Sector Explorations

Taking this progressive development plan to greater heights

The Group is diversifying into 4 new business verticals covering the growing sectors of the country that include Media, Energy, Education & Construction.

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A Century of Tea

Bartleet Produce Marketing (BPML) leading the way in Tea.

Today BPML is poised to exploit the strength of a century as it leads the tea industry in every aspect of innovation and development.

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Over 110 years of service

Bartleet Group wishes to consolidate its knowledge gained, muster its human resources and work with integrity and strength, diversifying with value into the services sector.

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Collective Global

We are in the business of developing well rounded advertising campaigns that are knitted together, exploiting the specialized skills of each individual.

Harnessing Energy for All

Using strategic relationship with experienced partners of repute in the solar industry to develop and implement integrated solar power systems.


Our vision is to actively engage in large scale campaigns that stimulate projects of national significance within the Media, Education, Energy and Construction sectors.

Pioneering Efforts

Backed by a culture that operates on integrity, honesty, reliability and good governance; Bartleet is ready to take our steadfast vision to the 21st Century.

Latest News

New Strategic Roadmap Initiated at Bartleet Club

The Bartleet Club met on Thursday, the 26th of January 2017 at the Bartleet Lounge. The Chairman, Group Managing Director, Directors, CEO’s and Senior Management of the various Bartleet subsidiaries were present at the discussion, where the roadmap for 2017 was initiated. Mr. Arj Wignaraja, Consultant, was invited as the guest speaker. He is a founder and Managing Director of the Asia operations of Remote Sensing Metrics, a US-Sri Lanka company that provides proprietary reports to Wall Street investment firms and

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Bartleet Introduces Employee Guide Handbook at Bartleet Club CEO Forum

The Bartleet Club CEO Forum met on Friday the 21st of October 2016.  The Chairman, Group Managing Director, Directors, CEO’s and Senior Management of Bartleet Group companies attended the event. It was held at the Lounge of the Bartleet Head Office at Braybrooke Place. A milestone unveiled at the programme was the launch of the Employee Handbook by the Head of the HR Department Mr. Mithraka Fernando. For the second time in the 112 years’ presence of Bartleet Group, such a

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About us


Riding on the strength of a Century, The Bartleet Group of Companies is proud to have our roots firmly grounded within multiple industry verticals of the Sri Lankan economy.

The authenticity and efficacy rendered to the Bartleet Group name has been as a result of the versatile product and service offering we have presented through the years.

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Featured Services

At Bartleet Religare Securities, investors benefit from the best of both worlds. Today they are the preferred broker for many Foreign and Domestic Institutional Investors for unmatched reach and wide and in-depth research coverage.

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From homes to penthouse apartments and office spaces to warehousing facilities, Property20 focuses on providing real estate solutions that go above and beyond what is expected.

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Be it as an Agent, Marketer or Promoter of the Tea Industry; BPM is poised to exploit the strength of a Century to lead, innovate and launch an unparalleled development blueprint for the Tea Industry.

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