LIC Lanka

LIC Lanka Ltd. (LIC Lanka) is a joint venture of LIC of India (LIC) and the Bartleet Group of Companies.

The Company was inaugurated with the mission of enabling people from all walks of life to benefit from obtaining and enjoying a life insurance policy, irrespective of income level. The Company is backed by a team of industry professionals who’ve developed a wide range of customised products and services to suit varied clientele.

Giving its clientele the freedom of choosing the best policy as per their needs, LIC Lanka offers a portfolio of insurance policies that are of international standards. With the expertise of LIC India, the Company has made some groundbreaking introductions to the Insurance industry at a time its competitors are withdrawing due to economic instability. Henceforth the company is venturing out into new territories by exploiting innovative solutions that benefit the clientele and render the best returns to its shareholders, ethically.

Accordingly the Company is governed and driven by its desire to satisfy the versatile clientele and have developed a broad ranging portfolio of insurance policies that range from policies for children giving financial security for education leading up to marriage, Pure Life Term polices that have no end as long as the policy owner remains alive, double accident benefit policies and even a policy dedicated to its female clientele that is tailor made for the needs of today’s woman.

Having taken intricate care to ensure that the customer gets the maximum life insurance benefits at the lowest cost, LIC Lanka continues to challenge the Insurance Industry of Sri Lanka with its versatile strengths and customised offerings.

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